Let's go to Zanarkand, together.

Lisa. 20. Chillin' like a villain.


i havent made any really bad decisions lately im getting bored

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bitch I don’t care if you’ve seen me wear this shirt before I don’t have fucking hannah montana’s closet

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ok followers lets write a story. ill start: a young man stands in his bedroom

jackin it

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can you believe that there are people on this earth who have never seen this video before

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#except for that one kitchen girl #that kinda looked like Arya Stark #she was chill

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When contempating a $15.00 purchase

10-year-old me:Wow idk that's a lot of money
15-year-old me:Kickass, that's so cheap
20-year-old me:Wow idk that's a lot of money
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